The Other America

Publicado el 2012-12-18 00:25:55

Kontext TV broadcast with: Amy Goodman, Founder and Host of Democracynow and Winner of the Right Livelihood Award, Bill McKibben, Environmental Journalist and Activist, Founder of the global grassroots movement, Medea Benjamin, Founder of Code Pink and Author of "Drone Warfare" Michael Albert, Founder of ZCommunications and South End Press Publishing House, Author of "Realizing Hope. Life beyond Capitalism" among others. On November 6 a new President was elected in the US. But both candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney only represent a small section of the American population. A lot of topics that are of great concern to a majority of people in the United States are not even considered as an issue in the election campaigns. In spite of unprecedented droughts last summer and record hurricanes like Sandy almost nothing was heard of climate change neither by the candidates nor the mainstream media. In the same way the fast growing poverty in the U.S., the power of Wall Street, the bloated military budget, and the massive restrictions of civil rights are rarely discussed. At the same time these elections are the most expensive of all times: 6 billion dollars were spent by both campaigns - financed especially by big corporations, Wall Street banks and oil tycoons like the Koch brothers. Kontext TV editor David Goessmann travelled in August through the US and talked to representatives of the "other America" who stand for the "silenced majority" (Amy Goodman). Journalists and activists analyse the four years of president Obama in office, the rhetoric of the election campaigns, the Occupy protests and perspectives of social movements that fight for democracy beyond the two party system. [+]