“Anyone who is calling this COP a success is really living in a phantasy land”, says Nicola Bullard, activist and analyst of the negotiations in Paris. The unbinding pledges to reduce carbon emissions would at best lead to an average global warming of three to four centigrade in this century - with catastrophic impacts on large parts of the world's population. They "burn the planet", warns former Bolivian chief negotiator Pablo Solón on Kontext TV. Despite the ban on demonstrations, thousands of protesters took to the streets of Paris during the UN climate summit. They protested against the weak results of the COP 21 and demanded a climate just turnaround in the coming years. "Whatever they decide on this it is not the end of the story. The people will have the last word," says one protester from Edenborough, Scotland at the final demonstration close to Arc de Triomphe. Renowned climate scientist Kevin Anderson of the “Tyndall Centre” stresses that in order to stay below two degrees Celsius plus all developed countries including the EU must do much more and have to be completely decarbonized by 2035. At the same time organizations from the Global South are demanding much more climate finance for the developing countries. Instead of creating more and more carbon markets there should be real climate protection. The climate justice movement and climate scientists point to a number of effective measurements that could be implemented like a progressive carbon tax, an exit of fossil fuels, small-scale farming and a complete stop of climate destructive free trade agreements like TTIP. With: Juliette Rousseau, Head "Coalition Climat 21"; Bill McKibben, Founder "350.org"; Nnimmo Bassey, Climate Activist, Nigeria; Themba Austin Chauke, "La Via Campesina"; Pablo Solón, Former Chief Climate Negotiator, Bolivia; Nicola Bullard, Writer and Activist; Alice Bows-Larkin, Climate Scientist "Tyndall Centre"; Miriama Williams, "The South Centre"; Tim Gore, Head Policy Research, "Oxfam International"; Kevin Anderson, Climate Scientist, Deputy Director "Tyndall Centre"; Tadzio Müller, Climate Activist, "Rosa Luxemburg Foundation"; Janet Redman, "Institute for Policy Studies"; Lyda Fernanda Forero, "Transnational Institute"


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