Interview with former US Intelligence analysts Ray McGovern und Elizabeth Murray US Foreign Policy and western interventions are responsible for massive destruction since the turn of the century, say former US Intelligence analysts Ray McGovern und Elizabeth Murray. The invasion of Iraq, the military intervention in Libya or the support of radical rebel groups in Syria have led to utter chaos in the region. The US government and its allies have “allowed a Frankenstein to be created” while Intelligence was constantly ignored. A diplomatic solution in Syria could only be reached by including Assad as the only alternative to IS at the moment. The crisis in the Ukraine has resulted from the “most blatant coup in the history of mankind”, organized by western services, says McGovern. If Merkel and Holland are not able to persuade the US to give in, “then we have real problems”. Without a certain degree of autonomy for Eastern Ukraine there can’t be a solution. Murray and McGovern are also concerned about the indifference and naivete in Germany in respect of US mass surveillance. People in the US would live in a “new Stasi State”. The “Netzpolitik”-scandal would show that Germany, too, needs whistleblowers like Edward Snowden. German authorities were investigating “Netzpolitik”-journalists due to treason.


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