The Great Powers are spreading over the gameboards of other countries and their game seeks a world geostrategic redefinition. They're the moves of a new "cold war" which - as pointed out by Andrés Piqueras, professor of Sociology and member of the International Crisis Observatory - could unleash localized nuclear conflicts. Irak, Cyprus, Libya; right now Ucraine and Crimea and sooner or later, Venezuela. Thse are some of the scenarios where in the shape of a coup, civil war or financial "corralito", bankfreeze, the United States is resisting against the loss of its hegemony, bound to the dollar and the control of oil and basic commodities. China and Russia are the two other main players in this phase of mutant capitalism which, at risk of playing with economic collaps and the uprise of failed states, could turn into suicidal capitalism. Help AttacTV so we can continue to produce.


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