In the Interview with Kontext TV Noam Chomsky talks about the war on welfare, democracy and peace in the US and Europe. “The future of the euro zone looks pretty dim unless Germany changes its stance”, says Noam Chomsky. Austerity measures would destroy potential growth, jobs and the future of a whole generation – in Europe even worse than in the United States. Regarding foreign policy the US still have control over the major centers of oil production in the Arab region. Islamist governments that gained power during the Arab revolution keep following the neoliberal policies of the West. But there will be a “power shift”, Chomsky predicts. The Iranian threat would be nothing more than a “Western obsession”. Neither security analysts in the US nor the nonaligned countries nor the Arab populations regard Iran as a threat. The Obama administration is escalating the situation by arming Israel for a potential attack on Iran. In a recent deal it provided Israel with refueling options and missiles against anti-aircraft systems crucial for attacking Iran. The situation is “threatening”. At the same time US president Obama exacerbates the Israel-Palestine conflict with his extreme blockade of peace talks while the annexation of valuable land by Israel is continuing.


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