Syriza: La alternativa griega / The Greek… por attactv

The coalition Syriza has become a reference for Europeans. It refuses to obey the Troika and proposes radical measures against corruption. Dimitris Tsoukalas, member of this formation that gained 27% in the Greek elections, explains what are their alternatives. First, it's necessary to increase basic salary to give energy to the engine of the Greek economy. Subsequently, recognizing the inability to pay the public debt, its amount should be negotiated with Germany and other countries, using a clause of development similar to that observed by the Germans in London Agreements of 1953. The fight against corruption and clientelism is essencial as well as to the strong powers that instill fear in the people: 'We have to terrorize the terrorists'. Collaborate with attac tv so that we can continue to produce our contents. Make your donation at


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