Highlights of the demonstration of the first day of the world social forum in Tunis, on 26 March 2013. World Social Forum meets Spring Revolution. Tunisi, 26 march 2013, the first day of the World Social Forum begins with a strong and unusual demonstration that involves all kind of people, from society personality, to world representatives of all kind of movement, throughout normal people from all over the world. The images shows the opening rally and interviews of some civic society personality of the arab world and key people of the Tunisian revolution. Saida Garrach Tunisian lawyer and feminist Haucine Abassi secretary general of the Tunisian General Union of Workers Sergio Bassoli CGIL international department Samir Amin Brasilian Indigenous Tom Goldtooth is executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network headquartered at Bemidji, Minnesota. realized by antonio pacor and manuel bellino focuspuller


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