Kontext TV interview with: Gilbert Achcar: Political Scientist and Sociologist, Professor at the "School of Oriental and African Studies", University of London, Peace Activist, Author of "The Arabs and the Holocaust" and together with Noam Chomsky "Perilous Power" Almost two years after the start of the Arab Spring in Tunisia and three weeks after the military attack of Gaza by Israel which was also seen in the U.S. and Israel as a practice run for any future armed confrontation with Iran Kontext TV sat together with the political scientist and peace activist Gilbert Achcar for an extensive interview. Against the background of current events we ask: What are the forces that block peace and justice in the region? What are the driving factors of the conflicts? Which solutions for a just peace do exist? Since 40 years there is a peace settlement for the Israel-Palestine conflict on the table, says Achcar. The minimal conditions are the complete evacuation by Israel of all the territories occupied in 1967 and the dismantlement of the settlements and the respect of the right of the Palestinians to self-determination at least in these 22 per cent of their historical territory. Even that would not be recognized by Israel. Furthermore the U.S. keep building the tension with Iran to create a climate for lucrative arms deals with the neighboring oil monarchies. "So, when the United States threaten Iran with war, it is like confirming the right of Israel to have a nuclear monopoly in the region. And this is the best way to avoid any peaceful solution. The United States could have a very different policy, which is to put pressure on Israel for denuclearization, for an agreement, which Iran would definitely sign, as all the states of the region, for a nuclear free Middle East". According to Achcar, the Arab Spring started a longterm revolutionary process which is still in the beginning. It’s not just about regime change and voting for a parliament but rather social justice and social peace. "Egypt and Tunisia themselves the two countries where it all started will see yet a lot of upheavals, changes, turns, mass movements, mobilizations."


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